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Rx Synchronization: One day…One way!

Would you like to receive your prescriptions on the same convenient day each month? Curtis can make it happen! Our pharmacists work with YOU to combine and implement each of your programs into one easy transaction per month!

 "Rx sync" can save patients time (and gas) should they only need to visit the pharmacy once a month - or not at all if they sign up for our delivery service! It can also help improve adherence when a structured, organized monthly plan is implemented.

 Many larger pharmacies struggle to operationalize Rx sync due to high volume. But Curtis Pharmacy has found A BETTER WAY to save patient time in the community, while allowing our pharmacists to focus on additional patient care services.

Implementation of most Rx sync programs requires short fills to align each plan. Not to worry - Medicare Part D plan sponsors are required to offer prorated copayments for short fills that initialize synchronization. It's easy, and no extra cost.

That's how your neighborhood pharmacy provides a better way. Come see for yourself!

Our expert pharmacists understand your plan's drug list, and when you need prior authorization for medication not covered under your plan. This can save you a major hassle - and money - as you might be eligible for a cheaper form of the same type of medication. You can find your plan here.

 Our professional team of pharmacists review your medication on Medicare's website to help you find the lowest premium and deductible, coupled with the best coverage possible for YOUR medications.

Avoid sticker shock at your doctor's office or pharmacy by knowing more about your plan's copays and high deductibles. We offer the best customer service in the area - including Rx synchronization, reminder packaging, compounding, and FREE delivery to anywhere in Washington County, PA.


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